R. Thomas Riley

Dark Fiction / Crime / Thriller 

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                                        Book One in the Gibson Blount Trilogy 


Coming in 2017 to ebook and print 

It's the eve of The Ripening as Gibson Blount discovers the secret history of an ancient race and the true outcome of Lucifer's fall. Now, the fallen angel, Azazel, has horrific plans for Blount's town...and the world. With the help of a local priest, a prostitute, an orphan, historical figure William Quantrill, and one of God's chief angels, Blount must dig for truth and unearth secrets woven deeply within Time itself to uncover a supernatural plot put into motion by the Church to punish the Roanoke Puritans. The War in Heaven has been lost and the flesh of fallen angels hangs in the balance. An alternative 1860's history Weird Western, The Flesh of Fallen Angels is filled with fast-paced action, intrigue, and good-versus-evil what-ifs.


"Booth and Riley drag us kicking into a world of nightmares. A thrilling read!" - Iain Rob Wright, author of Animal Kingdom

"This is a story to get your hands on." - HorrorNovelReviews.com



                          Book Two in the Gibson Blount Trilogy
If God Doesn't Show


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“A well-crafted story with sharp edges and subtle beauty. Definitely recommended!”
--Christopher Fulbright, author of OF WOLF AND MAN

“Mix one part Lovecraft, with a liberal sprinkling of demons and a pinch of nuclear holocaust and it creates a true recipe of horrific proportions.”
--Scott T. Goudsward, author of SHADOWS OVER NEW ENGLAND

“An excellent thriller that never fails to keep one guessing.”
--Steven L. Shrewsbury, author of THRALL


Mysterious shadows threaten the world. Two men - a policeman who lost his daughter to a doomsday cult and a secret service agent whose wife slipped into madness - must overcome personal demons and differences. In tones reflecting the tension and incomprehension of survivors battling a supernatural force, Chris Kaser performs this modern interpretation of H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos as men struggle with the "cosmic horror", reanimated dead, political chaos, and natural disasters accompanying efforts to bring forth "the Great Old One".

 If God Doesn't Show is an apocalyptic novel about a group of survivors who must work together to stop the destruction of all mankind. Thaddeus Archer is an ex-police officer whose missing daughter holds the key to the mysterious force that threatens to lay waste to what’s left of our world. It’s a race against time for the broken and desperate Archer, who must trust the only man who understands what’s happening: Gibson Blount, an agent of a secret government agency that doesn’t officially exist.

 Both men must overcome their differences and personal demons in a world besieged by the re-animated dead, natural disasters, and Cthulhu.